Having a car with horsepower and torque balanced with tight handling is an absolute blast and incredibly addictive. We can help you achieve this intelligently and safely.

Whether you are driving a Vintage Mercedes from the 70’s/80’s or up through the current model year, we can assist you in providing turn key performance while retaining the integrity inherent to Mercedes Benz.

Our Approach To Performance

We keep all systems in balance; striving to be sure we are with in the handling capacity of all sub systems.  A powerful engine on a stock transmission is a means towards frustration.  Handling with out the power to pull you out the apex is also frustrating in it’s own right.  Our goal is to provide a balanced package that will provide you, the owner, with a high performance reliable Mercedes, not a cobbled together iteration lacking in forethought and cohesiveness.
  Blue Ridge MB is a Renntech Dealer & Installer

Partners & Products
There is a fairly large gap between Mercedes produced after 1995 and those produced before that year in terms of performance tuning options. That is an approximation and specific models and years determine the possibilities.

Engine: Renntech, Kleemann, AMG & Custom Fabrication (we offer cams, intake, headers, exhaust, stand alone conversions

Suspension/Driveline: Bilstein, H&R, Eibach, RENNTech  Custom: Auto trans mods, manual conversions, 722.5 conversions.

Body Kits: AMG, Lorinser, Brabus, RENNTech, Rex Accelero

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