Restoring a Mercedes requires love, patience and money. We provide a wide gamut of restoration services from partial and gradually staged restorations to complete frame up projects.

Engine: Full tear down and return to factory specifications, to cosmetic/external only restoration
Drivetrain: Mechanical functionality and/or coupled with full cosmetics
Body: Body panel fitment/hanging, setting proper gaps. Have partners who provide comprehensive body services.
Interior: Full factory to full custom. Vintage Recaro/AMG NP.
Planning & Budgeting Your Restoration
Successful restorations begin with solid planning and realistic expectations. I sit down with every client and we lay out needs, wants, probable costs and put ranges in place to accommodate best/worst case scenarios. When we have the project parameters in place we set up a schedule.
  .. AMG Knowledge & Expertise
Genuine familiarity and experience with AMG cars is not common - particularly for vintage cars. Achieving an AMG's intended performance and reliability relies on an understanding of the inter-related engineering details and nuance. We have that experience.
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