Blue Ridge MB provides comprehensive service on Mercedes Benz vehicles from early 1970s through the current year models. We stand behind our work without question. Any work worth doing is worth doing well. Our diagnostic equipment is parallel to what you will find at a dealership. However, it is our professional capabilities and attitude that truly set us apart.

Our Approach To Service
We keep our recommendations as simple and understandable as possible. It’s our job to help every customer understand what we are going to do, what that involves and what the outcome will be. It’s our job and we’re happy to do it. Value is important to you and to us.

Every customer has individual needs and requirements that we take into account in making service recommendations and scheduling work. While some customers are seeking reliability and OEM specifications others are performance oriented. When we talk the first time we’ll ask you some questions so we can get a precise understanding of exactly what you want and make recommendations that fit your need and your budget.

Service Categories
Services are divided into three primary categories: regular maintenance and repairs, restoration and performance tuning. This site has specific pages for restoration services and performance tuning please go there if that is your area of interest. Information on this page addresses regular maintenance and repairs.

Diagnostic Scan - A diagnostics and scan on Star Diagnostic with no repair work is $115

OEM A-D Services

Service A - $145-245*
- Change your vehicle's engine oil and filter
- Replace the dust filter in all models
- Ensure the warning and indicator lamps, horn, windshield/headlamp wiper and
 washer systems, and seat belts are functioning correctly
- Inspect tires and check tire pressure (including spare)
- Inspect brake pad thickness and disc condition
- Check and correct all fluid levels
- Reset your vehicle's FSS counter

Service B -
$185-565*, **
- Change your vehicle's engine oil and filter
- Inspect dust filter in all SLK, CLK, C-Class and E-Class models, and in S-Class and SL-Class
 models with and without the active charcoal filter
- Inspect windshield wiper inserts
- Inspect and rotate tires
- Lubricate and inspect throttle linkage
- Ensure the parking brake, steering play, headlamps and exterior lamps, warning and indicator
 lamps, horn, windshield/headlamp wiper and washer systems, seat belts, and backrest lock
 (S-Class only) are functioning correctly
- Inspect tires and check tire pressure (including spare)
- Inspect brake pad thickness and disc condition
- Inspect front axle ball joints and Poly-V-belt
- Check and correct all fluid levels
- Reset your vehicle's FSS counter

Service C - Varies Per Model, Yearn & Mileage

Service D -
Varies Per Model, Yearn & Mileage

For 95 and Earlier
- Oil changes every 3K with Brad Penn Racing 20/50 oil $135
- 5K with Motul 5/40 Group IV synthetic. $140
- Transmission service every 20-30K. $275
- Brake fluid every spring $115
- Coolant every 2 years $145
- Differential every 50K $95
- Power Steering Every 60K $125
- Hydraulic/Soft Top Every 2 years $150
- Spark Plugs Every 15K Cost Varies per model
- Cap/Rotor Every 30K Cost Varies Per model

For '96 & Newer Model Years
- Oil change with Synthetic every 5K $140
- Transmission service every 30K $385 
- 7 Speed transmissions $425
- Brake fluid every Spring $115. Except SBC $195
- Coolant Every 2 $185
- Differential every 60K $95
- Power Steering Every 60K $125
- Hydraulic/Soft top 2 years $150
- Spark Plugs Varies per model

*AMG models

** Depending on model/ findings during inspection and what is needed price can vary

Pre-purchase Inspections
We highly recommend pre-purchase inspections to all of our customers buying pre-owned cars. There is nothing more disappointing than buying a car with hidden problems that take the fun out of owning a Mercedes and are often involve expensive repairs. Our pre-purchase inspections begin by knowing the inherent strengths and weaknesses of any model and individual model years. Then we look the car over for any body/paint work, accident damage.  All suspension joints/components drive line checked for excess wear/play, exhaust system, under carriage.  All systems checked for leaks.  Proper function of all accessories, Klima, when time permitting hot/cold start function tested.  Test drive to verify transmission in proper order, engine making adequate power, alignment, brakes, ABS all tested.  If convertible, top verified to function properly.

Note – any seller who is resistant to a PPI or refuses an inspection is hiding something. Walk away.

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