In truth, most AMG owners calling for the first time are frustrated. They finally own the car they have always dreamed of and now they can't find a shop to do the work, or worse - the shop they rely on can't do the work correctly. We provide a comprehensive range of AMG performance, restoration and parts acquisition built on extensive firsthand experience with AMG cars.
Understanding AMG Engineering and Manufacturing
Working on AMG cars requires a modified mentality than what’s need to service a regular OEM Mercedes. It is important to remember that the engineering of these cars is significantly more specialized. This means that acceptable tolerances are altered thereby placing a greater demand on all the other components. Additionally, AMG engineers’ primary goal has always been enhanced performance while retaining factory reliability and they make choices with that priority in mind. As a result, traditional logic and methods do not always apply. More succinctly, you can’t approach AMG cars with too narrow a focus on individual components, and be too hard wired to traditional logic or the performance you’re after will continue to elude you.

The Science, Art and Experience AMG Cars Require - Achieving OEM or Better Performance
Once you accept that AMG cars are ‘different’ than OEM Mercedes, you’re going in the right direction. While it is logical to think of the car as a set of mechanical systems that work together based on known science, success with AMG cars requires acceptance that there is some art to the process. It requires having a feel for what you’re dealing with and the experience and knowledge to know what that ‘feeling’ indicates. That “feel and knowledge” connection is born from considerable hands on experience.


Assessing Your Car and Setting a Baseline
Getting started on sorting out your AMG can be challenging. Start with an accurate assessment of your car’s current condition, performance and needs. All systems within an AMG car are more interdependent than in other Mercedes, so our first priority is to get the basics up to spec and go from there. This helps to set a starting point and makes the process smoother. 

Identify What You Want Your Car To Be
Some folks want an OEM spec car, others want performance above and beyond the OEM specification and some people want track level performance. Knowing what you want from your car or at the very minimum understanding how you enjoy using your car is important. The possibilities and potential is almost unlimited - if you’re not sure, get in touch and we can help you determine what is right for you.

Acquiring Rare Vintage OEM Parts + Custom Part Manufacturing


AMG parts have always been made in limited quantities. For vintage AMG cars, the limited specialty parts supply has been mostly exhausted. That said, there are some to be had, but access is very limited. If they do exist we can source them. When they do not exist we have been able to manufacture replacement parts that are up to OEM specs and in many cases better than original OEM specifications. While it may sound like blasphemy that we can fabricate parts that are better than the original OEM, please take into account the significant technology advances in CAD, metallurgy and milling capabilities that have occurred since many of these parts were originally designed and manufactured.

Need an AMG part you can’t find?
Send a quick email or call with what you’re looking for and we’ll gladly assist in locating it.
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